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I got that FYE_  Herbal_Fire Cider
I got that FYE_  Herbal_Fire Cider
I got that FYE_  Herbal_Fire Cider
I got that FYE_  Herbal_Fire Cider
I got that FYE_  Herbal_Fire Cider

I got that FYE_ Herbal_Fire Cider

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✨hand made

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✨enjoy and thanks for the support!


🤌🏾Don't have to store in the fridge, this is your moon shine without the alcohol. 

🔐This replaces your cough and cold medicine, keep this in your cabinet for a every day use to prevent sickness. Don't wait till you feel a tingle to order this 🙃

🥵 Need any details on this item please, go to my our Instagram @veggiekrew to see my live video about the ingredients ☄ @veggiekrew 

🚫No refrigerator needed, no expiration but we guarantee you won't let this seat for long!  How good it is. 

 🚫Not feeling well, take a shot or two, no honey so all ages can consume. Watch the herbs go to work, with an great sweat after your shot. 😅

↪Can be mixed in your 100% fruit juice, herbal tea, marinade your food. Put on top of your salad dressing. Of course just taken straight as well. Trust me you on won't be disappointed in taste. 😎

 *Immune Support- prevention, keep your body warm to prevent illness. 

*Digestion support- promotes bowel movements and stops constipation.

*Allergies Relief- runny nose, seasonal coughs and throat tingles

*Cold & Flu Support- the purple onions help flush your system of any illnesses your currently dealing with. 

*Blood Flow Support- blood pressure and clogges arteries due to illnesses. 

*Vitamin C, etc 


4oz Glass Droppler  Bottle, varies sizes are available 


 Ingredients: Elderberries, Cocolmecca, Ginger, Purple Onions, Black Pepper, Key Limes, Guaco, Yellow Dock, Habanero, Syrup, Alkaline Herbs, Love 


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are suffering from illness or taking medications be sure to consult with your medical practitioner before you begin taking any supplements.